Command Line Switches

OW [-O <User> <Password> <Environment> [-D [-Rx] [-W <file.ows>]] [-X|-H] [-P] [-M] <Object> <Object>

If no command line switches are specified and EnterpriseOne is not currently running a standard EnterpriseOne sign on window will be shown.
If EnterpriseOne is already running OW Info will automatically sign on to the same environment as the existing session.

-O <user> <password> <environment>

To bypass the standard login screen and start OW Info.

-D [-Rx]

Will retrieve data instead of column information from tables or views. This switch is only valid for tables and views. The R option specifies how many rows of data to retrieve, the default is all rows.


Uses the specified .ows (OW Info data selection) file saved from the Selection screen. If the .ows file object does not match the extract object no selection will be applied. Used in conjuction with the -D switch. The full filename must be enclosed in quotes e.g. -W "C:\Selections\F0101.OWS"
To process multiple selection files use -D -W "C:\Selections\F0101.OWS" F0101 -W "C:\Selections\F4211.OWS" F4211


Will output to CSV instead of HTML. CSV is the default output for data and version output.


Will output to HTML instead of CSV. HTML is the default output everything except data and versions.


-P output processing option data. Valid objects are UBE's and applications.


Will force OW Info to start minimised.


Specify object structures or data to extract.
If any objects are specified on the command line OW Info will close after processing them.