OW Info

This is the main OW Info screen used to extract object structures/data and launch other OW Info features.

Main Window


Enter the object to retrieve information for.
Double-click to see recently used objects.
Valid object types are;
Wildcards can be used if when you use the Batch Extract option (Tools/Batch Extract or Ctrl+B), e.g. P421% or F01%.
Batch extracts can be use to extract either structures or data.


Launches the Find Object form.


Specifies the maximum number of rows to retrieve when getting data for a table or view.

Extract Type

Type of information to extract:

Extract To

Output type for extract information:

Get Info

Retrieves either a structure or data depending on the object and radio buttons. This button will only be enabled for a valid objects.


Launches the data selection form that can be used to specify selection criteria for data retrieval.




Show the options form.


Logoff and close OW Info.



When enabled launches the Run form.


When enabled launches the appropriate design tool for an object.


Stores SQL statements for the current table or view object in the clipboard.

Object Attachment

When enabled shows the attachment for an object.

Attachment Data

View text data attachments for an object.

Open Source/Include

Open BSFN/NER/TBLE/BSVW .c and/or .h files in notepad

Print ER

Print Event rules for a valid object. Wildcards can be used e.g. R4256%. Only available in release 8.10 and above.

Print ER with split

Same as Print ER but splits NER functions and application forms into separate files.

Browse ER

Launch Browse ER for a valid object.



Run OneWorld for the current logon environment.


Launch Object Management Workbench.


Run Universal Table Browser for the current logon environment.


If the current object is a business function you will be prompted to build that function, run Busbuild standalone or cancel.
If the current object is not a business function Busbuild will be launched standalone.
If the extract type is Project all business functions in the specified project will be built.
Wildcards can be used for both objects and projects e.g. B420031% or %MY_PROJECTS%
If a build has been launched from OW Info running a build from OMW will cause the OW Info build to stop processing. The associated warning message can be suppress through the miscellaneous options screen.


Run Event Rule debugger for the current logon environment.

ER Compare

Run ER Compare for the current object if applicable or for manual use.

Interactive Versions

Run IV.

Batch Versions

Run BV.

Launch Menu Item

Runs the Launch Menu Item form.
This item will be disabled while the menu details are loaded.

PrintQueue Folder

Open the local PrintQueue folder.

Clear PrintQueue Folder

Clear all files from the local PrintQueue folder.

Extract Folder

Open the extract folder.

Batch Extract Folder

Open the batch extract folder.


Launches the dictionary form.


Launches the
UDC form.

Version Information

Launches the Version Information form.

Work Center

Launches the Work Center form.


Opens JDE.INI.



Find Object

Launches the
Find Object form.


Launches the
Checkouts form.

Batch Extract

Extract structures or data for a number of objects specified using a card, eg F01% or %4211%.


Launches the calendar form.

Clear Work Center

Clear all work center messages for the current user

Reset Cache

Resets local system cache for

Empty Clipboard

Sometimes copying event rules prevents the clipboard from functioning. Use this command to empty the clipboard.



Shows the OW Info help.

Version History

Shows version history

Check for Update

Check www.ow-info.com for an update


Shows OW Info about screen.