Set OW Info options and default values.

HTML Options

Set options relating to HTML output.

HTML Options

HTML Colours

Click the buttons to choose colours for HTML detail and header rows.


Select the font for HTML output.

Use the Sample this font button to view samples of the shown font on an HTML page.
Use the Sample all fonts button to view samples of all available fonts on an HTML page.


Select the font size for HTML output. Use the Sample this font button to view a examples on an HTML page.


Set options relating to extraction of objects.

Extract Options

Extract Extra Data

These options control the extra data that can be extracted.
This applies
For Data dictionary the underlying dictionary elements will can be extracted - NOTE this will impact performance, particularly for large extracts.

There are three extract options
The applications setting also determines if processing option templates are generated for UBEs.


Show object attachments.

Function Attachments

Show function attachments.

Batch Extract Folder

The folder for batch extract files. Use the ... button to change the directory or reset it to the default value.

Extract Only

If checked Batch Extracts will be generated to the Batch Extract Directory but no master document will be generated.
If unchecked a header HTML file will be generated and launched for batch extracts.

Use translated text

If checked processing text will be retrieved from the PO Text Translation table for the language specified. If no translation exists the default PO text will be used.


The language to use for extracting from the PO Text Translation table.

Business services

Check to only extract/search for business services in the logged in pathcode

Running Objects

These options control elements of the Run window.

Running Object Options

Auto Format

Automatically format data items based on their dictionary rules (e.g. MCU, CO and numerics) on the Run and Data Selection forms.

UBE Debug Level

Set the debug level for UBEs. This applies to UBE's launched locally and to the server using OW Info. For local UBEs debug logging must be turned on.

Run Locally

Defaults UBE's to run locally.

Run Local HTML

Runs applications under local HTML.
Only available in 8.10 and above and when local web server is installed.

Clear Logs

Automatically clear jde.log and jdedebug.log prior to running an object. When logs are available for each running executable just the OW Info logs will be cleared.


These options control general features of OW Info.

Miscellaneous Options

Reset form sizes

Reset the size of a resizable form back to its default.

Check for Updates

Check for updates frequency. Website www.ow-info.com

Force all CSV data to be strings

This will append a blank to data extract strings. This will prevent Excel from stripping leading zeroes from strings containing numbers, i.e. company 00001.

Clear logs on close

This option will clear any log files from the OW Info executable directory when OW Info closes

Remove header on log copy

This applies when JDE generates a separate log file for each executable. When this option is checked and copying a debug log file the header date/time and thread information will be removed.

Recent Object Order

Set the order for recent object when double clicking on the object/dictionary in the main window and the dictionary window

Print ER

Select options for ER printing. Only available in release 8.10 and above.

Don't save changes

If checked these options will only apply to the current OW Info session.
If unchecked these options will be stored for this and future OW Info sessions.


Close the form and apply any changes.


Close the form without changing any settings.