Run a business function, application, form or UBE/TC.



If there are multiple forms or functions in the selected object a dropdown list will be displayed for each of the available forms/functions.


If an attachment exists for the object this button will be enabled. Clicking the ? will show the attachment text.


The version field will be enabled for forms, applications, UBE's and table conversions. Choose the desired version from the list.


This check box will only be enabled for UBE's. The synchronous check box allows a UBE to be run inline or asynchronously. Return parameters can only be returned from a UBE when this box is checked.

Run Locally

This check box will only be enabled for UBE's. If checked a UBE will always run locally.
The default value for this option can be controlled from the Options screen.

Local HTML

Run the selected application under local HTML.
Only available in 8.10 and above and when local web server is installed. When checked form interconnect values cannot be passed and the grid will be disabled.

Popup Errors

When selected and if a business function generates errors a window will be shown any errors.
If not selected and a business function errors no error window will be shown.
Only applicable to business function calls.

Prompt of PO's

Prompt for processing option values when the exist for the current applications or UBE.

Prompt for Selection

Prompt for data selection on UBE's.

Prompt for Sequence

Prompt for data sequence on UBE's.

Destination Prompt

Prompt for UBE destination, PDF, printer, CSV or OSA.


Enter input parameters as required.

Click or press space on a direction cell to change the parameter direction. Multiple directions can be selected and changed by pressing space, or by clicking the Dir grid heading.

Multiple values can be cleared by selecting a number of cells and pressing delete or backspace.

Dates must be entered in the local format or if the Auto Format option is enabled use T for today or T and a number of days, i.e. T-5 would be 5 days ago, T2 would be 2 days in the future.
The Auto Format option will also format values using the underlying data dictionary rules.
If you copy a function calls parameters from a debug log pasting will match parameter names and populate the corresponding debug log values.

Right click for:
Find options:


Will run the object using the input parameters and populate any output parameters.
Business functions errors will be shown on the error form if Popup Errors has been selected.

Run Errors

Right click on the tree for copy and output options.


Pressing reset will clear all values and reset all directions.