UDC Data

Show UDC codes in a system code or specific UDC data.

UDC Data

System Code

The system code to show data for.


The code to show data for. If left blank UDC codes for the system code will be shown.


If the Code is not populated this will find all UDC's in the entered system code with a description containing the entered description. The description search automatically performs a LIKE search, no %'s are needed.
Double click a row to select that code.
If both System Code and Code are populated Find will the UDC data. The Find button will be disabled is the search will not return any data

Code Length

The code length for the current UDC.

2nd Line

Checked if the UDC has a 2nd line.


Checked if the UDC has a numeric key.


Search the UDC description when looking for user defined code types. This can be used in conjuction with the system code search

UDC Data

The UDC data.

Right-click on the grid for options (select, copy and output).

Click row headings to change the sort order.

Find options: