Work Center

Show work center messages for any or all users.

Work Center


The user to load work center messages for. Entering a user will automatically populate the address number if one exists.


The address to load work center messages for. Entering an address will automatically populate the user if one exists.

From and To

The From and To dates and times to load work center messages for.
Dates must be entered in the local format or if the Auto Format setting (on the Options screen) is enabled use T for today or T and a number of days, i.e. T-5 would be 5 days ago, T2 would be 2 days in the future.
Enter times in HHMMSS format, e.g enter 12:00:01AM as 1 or 4:05:00PM as 160500


Search for work center messages containing a specific object.
This will perform a wildcard search so entering R42 would search for all messages containing *R42*.

Oldest to Newest

If checked work center messages will be retrieved with the oldest messages first.

Group by Address

If checked messages will be grouped by address with a tree node for each address.

Only show errors

Only show work center nodes if they contain error messages.


Find work center messages for current criteria.


Right click on the tree for copy and output options.