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License Information
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License Information

A valid license file is required to enable the full OW Info functionality.

A license lasts one year from the date of issue, after the first year a renewal fee will be payable for each subsequent year.
Enterprise licenses that include Standalone environments will be price using the Enterprise pricing table.

License files should be copied to your OW Info install directory (typically C:\Program Files\OW Info).

Currently supported releases are Xe through to E910.

Please use the Feedback form to request a trial license or if you have any questions.


An Enterprise license entitles all users at the licensed site to use OW Info against the licensed environments.
 First YearAnnual Renewal
First Environment400 USD200 USD
Additional Environments100 USD50 USD

Standalone Pricing is only valid for Demo Junior or E1 Standalone environments such as DEMOB733, DEMO810 etc.
Standalone licenses are only valid for the licensed user.
Standalone Pricing
 First YearAnnual Renewal
First Environment100 USD50 USD
Additional Environments50 USD25 USD

Single User licenses can be used against any environment but are only valid for the licensed user.
Single User
 First YearAnnual Renewal
Any environment150 USD75 USD

For New Zealand customers prices include GST.

The prefered payment method is through PayPal.
Once a license has been requested an email containing payment details, an invoice and a temporary license will be sent to the email address supplied.
A full license will be sent once the payment has cleared.

Major OW Info upgrades (such as support for future E1 releases, or significant new features) may require a new license.
In this case existing licensed users would be charged the renewal price rather than the first year price.
Minor OW Info upgrades will be free.

Site Information

This section is for requesting a full years license.
Please use the Feedback form to request a trial license.

The following fields are all required.
Licensed user or site:

For example John Smith or Company ABC.

Email address:

Verify Email address:


For example DEMOB73 or PRODE812.
Enter "single user" for a single user license.
Ensure your environment names are typed correctly.

Additional details/comments:

Please use the Feedback form to request a trial license.